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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am so sorry, I have been very busy with other stuff lately and trying to sort stuff out in my life but I am still around. I will post some more reviews soon!
I have been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2, like I said it's really nothing special but its easy to play and its fast paced fun. If you are not that good it doesn't matter too much because its not like WoW where there are dozens of tier levels of items. Pretty much everyone new and old is at the same level, yes some weapons are more favored than other but the bonus for using them really isn't game breaking. Same with armor hats item sets etc, using certain items and sets is great but not ground breaking in any way.
Great game for collectors because there are quite a few items and some quite rare. There are some somewhat strict limits on how much you can get in a week tho, from what I have read you can only receive drops for the first 15 or so hours a week you play. I don't really look at that as a bad thing tho because if you have a full time job and other responsibilities then 15 hours a week is a decent time. And you can still play as much as you want you just won't be getting any item drops. Achievement items however you can get no matter how much you play and there are a lot of promotional items with new promotions coming out all the time.
Anyway it's a pretty solid game and since it's free to play that's just awesome.
Also I started using Netflix and was really disappointed in video quality because where I live the highest data rates are 1.5MB which apparently puts be at the bottom of the rung. I however found a way to manually set the video quality and it works great, shows are actually watchable now.
"After clicking in the movie window, click the following:
Mac: Cntl + Shift + Option + S

PC: Cntl + Shift + Alt + S
A window will pop up that allows for manual selection."
Now to clarify you need to wait till the movie is playing then CLICK on the MOVIE and push and hold those buttons. This of course has its ups and downs as you won't actually be streaming if you select higher quality video but hey whatever it looks so much better.
Anyway like I said I will post some more reviews soon thanks for stopping by. Will check out blogs in the morning, time to watch a flick before bed.


  1. Nice blog.
    I have been busy to so I understand

  2. Nice tip. Being on my crappy home DSL (compared to my 64 mbps college internet) has me pulling my hair out over the relatively horrid speeds.

  3. seems like a lot of people are busy over the summer, it happens. Welcome back though, TF 2 is awesome.

  4. Enjoy the summer busyness. Here in the winter, there is nothing to do but blog.