Ufo tts recreates most of the original features, adding a couple of new ones, and changing ones that existed. However, the game recreates most of the features as faithfully as possible to maintain the unrivaled game-play of its predecessor. Although numerous other attempts have been made to recreate x-com defense, there is no (known to us) multiplayer game that lets you play full campaigns (that is both geoscape and battlescape). Project has been started on 1st of march 2009. There is no known date as to when it’s going to be complete.
All games from the ufo/x-com series are property of their owners (in 2005 rights have been aquired by Take-Two), the game is still being sold, therefore original game is not ‘abandonware’ and cannot be distributed for free legally. Presently Ufo: tts uses original graphics taken from ufo 1, making it impossible to be downloaded as a complete stand alone product. The crew is currently working on remaking all the graphics, so this will not be a problem in the future."