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Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Monday

For today's movie I choose Dune(1984).
Well this movie is quite dated by today's standards but it has a great story and some pretty good acting.
It is set in the distant future and revolves around the struggle for control of a small desert planet that only has one abundant resource. This resource however is only found on this one planet and has some extraordinary properties.

He who controls the spice controls the universe and he who controls Arakis controls the spice. So basically there are 3 main factions(houses) fighting for control of Arakis. But there is also the mighty Emperor with his private armies, who does he support? A lot of backstabbing and double-talking just like with anything else political goes on. But the way it all plays out is spectacular.
Did I mention there are some really massive worms that eat anyone trying to harvest the spice? And apparently the spice is worm poop. Anyway it's still a really great movie.


  1. For anyone wondering about my cat he is still with me for now. I brought him home and I'm trying to do everything I can. If I can offer any advice it is look and read carefully about what you feed your pet. A premium food may cost you a bit more in the short term but how much is your pet worth to you? Can you even put a price on them?
    And not all premium foods are good. Stay away from anything that says it contains any kind of wheat or grain in it. Most cat foods have something called wheat gluten which cats cannot digest and causes all kinds of health problems. they also contain other things bad for cats but grains seem to be the worst offender.

  2. ^didn't know about the grains in cat food, will have to look around about it. A lot of people say Dune is horrible, I still haven't seen it but really want to.

  3. Old movies are great. Better than the crap they show us today. Personally my favorite old movie is Network. 70's i think.

    I'll check out Dune soon. And good luck to you and your cat man. Hope he/she'll get better.

  4. ^i liked Tron and "back to the future" also same zeitgeist i think.

  5. dosn't look like my type of movie but i'll give it a shot, you never know!

    I also didnt know cats cant digest wheat gluten.

  6. Hope yer cat pulls through this mate, always hard to watch those ye care about in pain.

    As for the movie itself, it's a... "guilty pleasure" of mine. Cheese done right, in a sense,