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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fallout wrapup

My internet has been touch and go today but back to posting.
I can't really recommend Fallout New Vegas right now even tho I did enjoy the game. I played it for I think around 120 hours but it took a lot of patience because the game would randomly freeze up or I would get stuck in the side of a mountain, fall through the ground etc etc. Perhaps they will eventually patch it to fix these problems or maybe they have since I played it and when the problems are addressed it will be a great game. I can't even comment on Fallout Tactics or any other games because I have not even played them. However Fallout 1/2/3 are most certainly worth checking out and as I hope I have shown incorporate some really good music from the past.
Some links to check out:
Fallout 3 Nexus  is a really great resource for modding Fallout 3 and they have a site for New Vegas as well.
The Vault has the answers to pretty much any question you could have about any fallout game.
No mutants allowed has several mods/patches for fallout 1 and 2.


  1. I played NV after it came out, maybe 100 hours.
    I haven't tried the DLC's yet so I'm thinking of going back into it.

    Gonna look for a First-Person Shooter Mod this time, spice things up. (as in much lower hp/higher dmg on all guns)

    Well of to the Nexus I go, See ya!

  2. I may go back and play it some more again one day. If I ever find enough time. Lately I have been spending so much time finding ways to make money online.