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Friday, May 27, 2011

Azure Dreams

A nice little game for the playstation.
You take control of a young man in a run down town in the middle of nowhere and you must find a way to take care of your family. So of course you take the path of your now missing father and become a monster hunter!
There are many elements to this game not just hunting and raising monsters. There is a town building element.
You can add and upgrade many buildings in the town and turn the run-down town into a thriving desert oasis.
And there is also a relationship element.
There are some mini-games as well.
Overall a very fun game.


  1. wow i never knew playstation had any rpg games apart from final fantasy...

  2. What the... Damn, so many years have gone by since I played this at a bud of mine's. Heavy nostalgia atm.